One Huge Network Design Error You Might Be Missing

One Huge Network Design Error You Might Be Missing

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When it comes to IT services, network infrastructure management is one of the basics, typically meaning simple or easy. This common misinterpretation of the word means that network design is often overlooked and is cast aside as a “basic” need for the business, whereas in reality, it acts as the backbone of your business.

Network design should not be an afterthought, but a continuously managed and important part of your business’s IT. When your network infrastructure is not properly configured, access to data, the ability to communicate and collaborate with your team, and the efficiency of all business operations can all slow down.

However, even when your network is set up correctly, could you be missing something? In this article, you’ll learn about one of the most detrimental network design errors, why this error is typically overlooked, and how you can prevent errors in network design from happening down the road.

What’s the problem?

When do we ever hear of a business that does not use technology these days? *crickets*. Did you know that your network design is the hub of all technology within your organization?

For some, or those who do not heavily depend on technology but still use it, errors are less than critical, meaning the business or its revenue will not be harmed should the network experience downtime. On the other hand, for other tech-reliant businesses, even a few minutes of network failure can lead to lost dollars and customers. 

Regardless of whether you have a small or large business, errors can and will occur. The most common, largest network design error we see is neglecting analytics, or information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics.

Yes, it’s true…you might be missing data and that missing data can result in further network errors.

This important data is what helps you identify gaps in communication, improve performance, create ease of management, and ensure security at all levels. 

Why is data often overlooked? 

We get it. As a business owner, your thought process is to get it done, and get it done on time. Sometimes that can mean building the network infrastructure and then tabling other things like data configuration and security for another time.

Most believe that if the network is set up, then systems can function. For the most part, that belief is true. However, functioning and functioning efficiently are two different things. The latter indicates that data is being used properly.

The time between not using data and using data is when problems begin to occur. Potential problems include failed network device compatibility, server downtime, and slowed or disrupted traffic-flow. At RNIT Solutions, our managed IT services help uncover data that is not being used, analyze it, and then find how to best implement it to improve day-to-day operations.

We collaborate with you to maintain your existing infrastructure or help you to build an infrastructure from the inside out, with data as one of the prioritized steps from the onset.

Why is data important in network design?

Data is a key player in every organization, especially when designing a network. A data-centric network will perform at a higher level than one that neglects data.

Reasons for its importance vary depending on how heavily your business relies on technology. We’ve considered the most common and impactful benefits in creating the following list:

For day-to-day operations

  • Insights gathered from network analytics help you identify bottlenecks, evaluate the performance of devices, check for potential security faults, and more. 
  • Data acts as a watchdog for poor performance. When an issue arises or performance strays from its usual, optimal level, we use data to recommend adjustments to immediately improve.
  • Identifying problems from simple device connections to high level security threats has never been easier. At RNIT Solutions, our network design and data capabilities relieve you of manual identification of errors within your system. With our IT managed services, you can say goodbye to worrying about how your network is performing daily.

For growth

  • As your network grows, analytics should also scale to support all devices, clients, users, and applications. Without a full understanding of your data, you cannot effectively support the above.
  • Data helps you understand and improve user experience without cutting into the budget. 
  • Automation of not only data, but all business processes, is crucial as you progress. A proper network design will support automated data and will send suggested changes to improve based on found insights.

Why you should consider managed IT services

As a business owner, you need to be able to make decisions at a moment’s notice and that means having data at the forefront of your operations. 

When it comes time to make a major decision, we know you don’t have time to evaluate every detail about your technical operations, so we do the thinking for you.

We think of things that you do not have time to prioritize such as:

  • Have you considered what is necessary to ensure the security of the network delivering your data? That’s where we come in and provide IT security.
  • How many users, and with what type of devices, are connecting to your network? 
  • How can you move from a manual approach to a more automated approach with your data analysis? The latter results in a more wide-ranged analysis than what would be possible manually.
  • What data configurations should be in place to ensure that security is optimal at all levels? 
  • Is your data centralized to avoid issues in your network echoing to other parts of your organization?

The larger your organization, the larger your network. The bigger the systems, the more potential for errors. That is why data is so important. Data helps you analyze current issues, as well as predict and prevent future ones.

At RNIT Solutions, we follow the ever-evolving industry best practices to create a network infrastructure that works effectively for your business, seamlessly integrated into your operations.

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