How Do You Select the Right MSP for YOUR Business?

How Do You Select the Right MSP for YOUR Business?

So you’re thinking about getting an MSP for your business. 

MSP (managed service provider) is a model of managed IT service that performs the technical functions of server management, network management, network monitoring and alerting, backup and recovery, virtualization, hardware and software management and licensing, and carrier services procurement. 

Now that you’ve decided you want these services, how do you go about selecting the right managed IT support that fits your business? We have some simple tips to help you get started. 

1: Find an MSP that goes beyond “quick fixes” when there’s an issue

An MSP is valuable for crises and downtime when it happens, and that’s one of the primary reasons you’re probably looking for an MSP for your business. But you want to find a proactive service provider that will go beyond “patching” things. You want managed service that does preventative monitoring and network management that keeps crisis downtime and data loss at bay. Know their long-term plans for data crisis management and prevention. RNIT’s specific model, for example, is solutions-focused to keep businesses connected and keep downtime to a minimum.

2: Look for an MSP that wants to learn about your business 

Don’t be the one asking all of the questions! You need an MSP that’s going to invest in providing the best IT services that fit your business. They want to know your needs, your pain points, and your wants with IT services. You need the right IT strategy for your business (and yes, it is a personalized strategy, like every other aspect of your business). 

3: Seek an MSP that truly knows your industry

Piggy-backing off of the previous point, your MSP doesn’t necessarily need to be a backwards-and-forwards expert in your industry, but they should demonstrate specific understanding and expertise to customize a strategy that makes sense for your IT management. This is not an area where a “one-size-fits-all” approach applies. Your IT service provider needs to be able to see your business and its IT practices both in the focus of “here and now,”  and in the wider context of your industry and IT standards across the board.

Research the MSP’s client history to see if their other clients bear similarities to your business and its needs. If there’s a “Who We Work With” page (like ours!), check that out too.

4: Learn what all the MSP truly offers, and how it can scale

Find out if the scope of the MSP’s services is too wide, indicating they’re not focused on top-notch MSP at the forefront. On the other hand, you’ll also want to find out if they offer a robust set of MSP services that covers your basics: cybersecurity, network and infrastructure management, data recovery services, desktop support, etc. Given what you need and don’t need (the MSP should be able to honestly assess and counsel you accordingly), determine if this MSP can scale with your business as it grows in terms of optimization, automation, etc.

How RNIT is ready to assist your businesses – now, and into the future

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