IT Security

IT Security

In today’s digital world, business owners have had operations streamlined through the wonders of technology. But even if security guards at the office building or physical locks on the door of the file room are no longer necessary, your company data and internal processes still need to be protected.

IT security provides that protection through various means, from password and communication best practices to firewalls and antivirus software. If you are a company owner or executive, you know— or are quickly learning— how vital IT security is for your business.


Server Security

  • What services are enabled on your servers
  • Have the servers been patched recently
  • Have user access permissions been verified and only required users allowed access

Privacy & Sensitive Data

  • Do you have sensitive data and where is it stored
  • Do only appropriate users have access
  • Do you have a privacy policy

Security Audits

  • How often do you perform audits
  • When was the last audit performed
  • Were there any findings and were they remediated

Data Backups

  • Is your sensitive data backed up regularly
  • Are you safe from ransomware
  • Do you have a clear backup policy that fits your business needs

RNIT: your IT security solution

Royal Network IT Solutions, Inc. provides a holistic approach to IT security solutions for your business. After performing a complete Security Assessment, our professionals will recommend a customized plan for securing all your business’ operations and data.

Our principal areas of service are desktop security, network, and internet security, server security, the privacy of sensitive data, security audits, and data backups. Not only will we review each device, server, and overall network to ensure they are properly secure with firewalls and other security software, but we will also conduct audits and monitoring in order to stay on top of the security measures. We review storage, access, privacy policies, as well as backup status and policies. We also collaborate with you to create or improve your company’s policies on issues like online communication and password management and use.

While there are “best practices” in business IT security, we understand that each company is unique. Through consultation and a Security Assessment, we can determine what measures (and extra measures!) are best to make your business data and processes the most secure.

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As technology has evolved, IT security has also evolved in order to protect business data and internal processes. Our professionals have over 50 years of experience providing technical support to the Tustin and Eastvale areas of California. We are ready to help you keep your business safe and secure. With the proper safeguards, hardware, policies, and security procedures in place, you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

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