Why, yes, you really do need to keep your software up to date for your employees

Why, yes, you really do need to keep your software up to date for your employees

Keeping your software updated is one of those things – a necessary evil. You get a notification in the middle of a Zoom call, or something equally important, and updating is the last thing you want to take care of at that moment. “Restart my computer? Now? Maybe later.” When it’s up to employees to keep their software updated, can you really blame them for letting these things slide? You may even ask yourself, “What’s the point anyway?” 

It’s this kind of thinking that leaves the most important network systems and accompanying software from getting updated regularly and becoming at risk for failure when these tools are needed most. 

In particular, it turns out that software updates are extremely important. Software updates:

  • Add features
  • Remove old features
  • Keep devices working at optimal capacity 
  • Protect devices from hacking or other cyber attacks

Protecting your business 

In addition to keeping your devices working at peak capacity, perhaps the last item on the list is the most important. Software updates keep your business’ devices from developing security gaps that in turn leave your company vulnerable. A “software-update-ignored” example occurred in 2017 with the Equifax security breach, which affected millions of people and cost millions of dollars in remediation. 

Software updates ensure that your business is safe by patching security holes so that hackers or cybercriminals, often well-versed in widely used software programs, cannot get through gaps to steal information, or embed ransomware or debilitating viruses.

Managed IT services for software updates

Getting employees to update their personal business devices’ software might be doable, especially if you can demonstrate to them how important it is by showing them how vulnerable their own information might be. However, expecting your employees to consistently update is still unrealistic. What if you could have an outsourced team of technology gurus who not only take care of software updates on a regular basis, but also offload some of the other time-consuming, burdensome technology tasks from your employees? 

Even if you already have a dedicated IT staff person in your company, you should know that by outsourcing a managed IT services professional, your software updates can be conducted remotely and automatically, ensuring that not only the updates but other important security patches are kept current and that your business is safe. 

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