10 Reasons Why An MSP Model Could Be The Best Move For Your IT Strategy

10 Reasons Why An MSP Model Could Be The Best Move For Your IT Strategy

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For most businesses, the reasons they gravitate to the Managed Services Provider or MSP model for their IT solution fall under two major categories: peace of mind and lower IT costs. It’s really that simple. However, let’s dig a bit deeper and explore ten specific reasons why moving to an MSP model might be exactly the perfect solution for your business, even if you currently have an in-house IT staff person or team.

Peace of Mind

Business owners are often stressed out and exasperated about their current IT strategy – if one even exists. Many times that strategy consists of “Let’s hope nothing bad happens today,” or “We’ll worry about it if the network crashes.” Not the most proactive approach and not the most “stress-free” approach.

Business owners who have made the move to managed IT services have learned that outsourcing to IT professionals who provide a range of services – from customized projects to whole network monitoring and management – can give them the peace of mind they deserve. And these business owners are now able to spend more time growing their business.

Briefly, here’s what those business owners are experiencing:

Peace of Mind

  1. When owners hire a Managed Services Provider to help with a major tech project, the rest of their in-house IT team is no longer overstressed. Fewer worries all around.
  2. When these owners were spending late nights and weekends troubleshooting tech issues for their small business themselves, it was very aggravating! Once they hire an MSP, they have more time to devote to their staff and daily company issues.
  3. Their in-house IT staff can now work on innovative projects that had previously been on hold, while the MSP deals with the day-to-day IT operations. More forward movement; fewer headaches.
  4. Since working with MSP professionals offering remote support 24/7, these owners experience less stress. They know they’re covered should there be a tech crisis after hours or over the weekend.
  5. These owners took the proactive step to hire an MSP when their exasperation level was getting the upper hand. Their MSP experts are protecting the company’s data and installing backup and disaster recovery plans. Hiring an MSP = less exasperation!

Lower IT Costs

  1. When business owners outsource to a professional IT expert to either assist their in-house tech team or to take over their company’s complete network operations, they save money. Why? Because they don’t have to pay a full-time salary (with benefits), which means more money in the company’s budget!
  2. These companies experience less downtime since taking the proactive step to hire an MSP. Downtime is a huge drain on the bottom line and especially frustrating when it can be avoided with proper monitoring and other measures, in many cases.
  3. Business owners benefit from their MSP’s professional relationships with a variety of vendors and service providers. They receive competitive pricing by going through their MSP and they stop wasting money on products and services they don’t need.
  4. By using an MSP,  their companies can easily scale up or down depending on needs. An MSP offers flexible service and the ability to pivot quickly to customize to their businesses when needed. Just another way they save money.
  5. By budgeting their business technology expenses on a predictable, monthly basis, especially when their MSP’s monitoring and maintenance activities help to prevent major tech crises, more money is left in their overall budget.

If you’re a business owner looking to lower your IT costs and gain some peace of mind, consider a move to the MSP model for your IT strategy. Even if you have a dedicated in-house IT staff person or team, you may benefit from using an MSP company for challenging IT projects or certain aspects of your company’s technology plan.

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