Why Does Your Business Need a Skilled IT Consultant?

Why Does Your Business Need a Skilled IT Consultant?

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Making advancements in your business is solely dependent on your company’s abilities.

If one of these abilities could be strengthened or better managed, leading to higher profitability, the obvious answer would be to, well, do it.

If there was a system that could improve efficiency in your business, would you implement it?

If there was a bottleneck in your business because of old technology, would you opt for better technology?

If you had a guide for your IT services that could help you minimize costs, would you hire them?

Working to catch up to a competitor, struggling to optimize efficiency in your workplace, and continuing to implement out-of-date technologies into your business are all signs that it may be time to consider a third party for IT consulting or managed IT services.

Let us explain the reasons why having a skilled IT consultant is important for your business. 

Broad range of IT solutions

With various skill sets to offer, we can provide your business with multiple solutions such as:

  • Managed IT services

When dealing with technology, there are always “what ifs” present, but with managed IT services, you’ll have peace of mind. When something goes wrong, you’ll no longer have to deal with long phone calls with questions like “have you rebooted the computer yet, sir?” 

Technology shouldn’t be a headache; it should be a reliable tool. That’s what we work hard to deliver.. See our monthly managed IT services here.

  • Network design 

At RNIT Solutions, we believe that nowadays, everything you do in your business is affected by the technology you use. It is a vital aspect of your business and therefore the implementation and use of technology should be carefully planned and organized to optimize productivity.

We collaborate with you to customize your network infrastructure, and do so through completing infrastructure identification and selection, and performing a network assessment including network availability requirements, ease of management, security at all levels, and more. 

  • IT security

Think of us as a data protecting bodyguard. Company data and internal processes must be protected – from password and communication best practices, to firewalls and antivirus software. 

  • Strategic planning

We are here to help you meet and exceed your financial and growth objectives. 

Technical concerns, networking infrastructure, security measures and more all need to be a part of your plan. Strategic planning comes in all shapes and sizes including simple things like providing feedback and suggestions for communication, encouraging flexibility for emerging technologies, creating long-term goals, and helping create your planning strategy. 

  • Cloud services 

As a business owner who more than likely owns a phone or computer, you know how important it is to set up cloud services. Now, imagine how important the same service is for your business’s technology; it can allow companies to access, share, and back up data through their homebase server. And we’ll go ahead and say, it requires more than your username and password to set it up.

  • Structured network cabling 

Sometimes the hardest part of technology is putting it together and making it work… to your benefit. Whether you are installing security systems or audio/visual systems, configuring fiber optics or low voltage cables, designing, or setting up a wireless network, we can help.


Security in this case can mean both peace of mind as well as secure systems and data.

When a crisis strikes, such as a data breach or severe weather,  you need to know that you are prepared for any circumstances. Do your security measures protect you from losing data in a storm? Can security breaches be prevented or lessened? Are you able to use current and previous data to improve your security measures? 

When one of the above extremes occurs, it is not likely that the business will be able to afford to hire IT professionals to recover, restore, or contain the damage. For these reasons, it is crucial for a company to be proactive.

As a business owner, it is common to think that an internal IT department can easily manage such a happening, but realistically, it may be too much to manage alongside other required tasks or may be out of their wheelhouse considering the event may not have happened before. Our goal here is not to discredit strong internal IT teams, but to highlight potential crises that could adversely affect your business if not properly handled.

Cost efficiency

Unfortunately, a common misconception is that an IT expert must be hired full-time at great expense. Actually, IT consultants can be hired for various reasons and in many ways. For example, a professional can be hired for an installation, company employee training, or general managed IT services. They can also be hired monthly, one-time, annually, or other. The biggest benefit to using IT consultations is that they are customizable and work to fit your needs, so budget is not the priority.

Now knowing that there is not a one-size-fits-all package for IT solutions, we can shed some light on a few ways that a professional can help cut costs in your business:

  • Reducing setup and human resource costs
  • Minimizing expansion costs for cloud services
  • Providing fast on-demand services for technical support
  • Incorporating a higher level of automation and optimization

Optimized productivity

This requires a two-part explanation. Optimized productivity can be achieved for both your staff as well as for your technology that is consumer facing (customer service).

The more up-to-date and efficient the technology, the faster, easier, and smarter your employees can work. An IT consultant works to understand your day-to-day operations, and then puts together a plan including internal communication and ideal systems and processes.

On the other hand, you can improve customer service by doing the same. Whether this means you are available online 24/7, have a  “live” agent capability on your website including a system set up for onboarding, having an IT consultant who understands these features can be helpful and beneficial for all parties, which will save you both time and money.

If you are trying to improve productivity, expand your IT services, or use innovative technology in your company, we would love for you to consider Royal Network IT Solutions for your managed IT services. We are ready, willing, and able to help your business soar to new heights.

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