10 Crucial Questions To Ask As You Consider MSP Services

10 Crucial Questions To Ask As You Consider MSP Services

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Every company is unique, whether it’s the industry, the IT strategy, or the specific employees’ personalities who handle the day-to-day operations. But there are common questions that are helpful in the decision-making process when it comes to enlisting the help of managed IT services. Check out our 10 questions you should be asking when considering managed IT services:

1. What are my company’s current gaps in IT performance?

Figuring out where your business needs IT help is step one when considering hiring managed IT services. Bringing in managed IT services commonly improves security, increases scalability and capability for growth, and delivers access to the best technology and the experts in that technology. 

In addition to considering general benefits of managed IT services, take time to figure out why your company needs managed IT services. This can guide your choices when it comes to who to hire and what kind of contract you need.

2. What IT needs or capabilities does my team handle well, and which should we outsource?

For many companies, network monitoring and management can fill up all the time of IT employees. The company would be better served if the in-house IT team were able to work on other projects. Every company’s IT strategy and personnel differ, but before  hiring managed IT services, your company should think about which services you need (and which you don’t.)

3. What would the business partnership look like between my team and managed IT services?

Working with managed IT services is often a close relationship or partnership. You might also work with other vendors or companies, adding to the complexity of the relationships. When choosing managed IT services, think about–and ask the managed IT services provider you are considering working with–what the relationship will look like. 

4. What are my current costs and how do they stack up against costs of managed IT services?

An obvious must-ask question regarding managed IT services is how it will impact your spending on IT. Many companies choose managed IT services because they are spending too much on unpredictable technology expenses. Figure out your current IT spending and then determine which managed IT services provider can give you the best financial options.

5. How will managed IT services directly cut down on employees’ work and increase efficiency?

If you aren’t sure if you need managed IT services, or you are consulting with several different service providers, it’s crucial to ask which specific tasks or issues will be taken off your plate by a managed IT services provider. Your IT strategy should focus on efficiency, so whoever you are outsourcing IT work to should be helping the strategy bear fruit.

6. What would the service contract look like?

Questions to ask include: What’s included? Will they conduct an assessment on your current IT infrastructure? How long is the contract? These questions will open the door to other questions specific to your business that you need to think about and ask potential managed IT services providers. 

7. How would managed IT services handle my data?

These days a company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Consider how protected your data is currently and what you need from managed IT services as it relates to your data. Then ask potential managed IT services companies who will have access to your data, what happens if business agreements terminate or change, and what their offerings are as it relates to data backups and protection. 

8. How does managed IT services handle compliance in my industry?

Depending on your line of work, your managed IT services needs to be especially aware of compliance issues. Reviewing compliance this with potential managed IT services providers is important. 

9. What will support look like from my managed IT service provider?

One of the many benefits of managed IT services is constant support. Figuring out what you need or what would benefit your company the most in terms of support is important. So is asking potential managed IT services partners things like: How do you deliver support? What if something goes wrong? What are the hours of support? 

10. Who offers the best managed IT services for my needs?

Finding a managed IT services partner includes asking all the questions above, but also considering the specific expertise of the IT team, the range of specialty subject matter, and even the personalities of their team. Finding the right fit will go a long way in strong, efficient IT help. 

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