5 Preventative Measures You Should Take in Your IT Strategy Right Now

5 Preventative Measures You Should Take in Your IT Strategy Right Now

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Often businesses want to cut costs with their IT budgeting. Rather than assuming a proactive approach of hiring managed IT support for their network management, they may think they are saving money by waiting for an IT issue to arise. This false assumption can end up costing more in downtime, costly repairs, and lost data.

What about your company? Does your IT strategy focus strongly on preventative measures to avoid downtime and costly crisis situations? If you think your IT plan could stand some improvement, here are 5 preventive areas to consider right now.

#1 – Malware Prevention via Detection Software

Whether your business has an in-house IT staff or uses outsourced managed IT staff, malware software that identifies and prevents the invasion of viruses has surely been installed on all business devices. This software must be maintained and kept up to date – an essential job of IT staff.

#2 – Security Awareness Training

Have you considered instituting a Security Awareness Training program for your employees? Research has shown that these programs, when also focusing on risk reducing behaviors among employees, can be effective in reducing breaches.

#3 – Policies & Procedures

Having clearly written security policies and procedures is essential for your employees to understand your internal security controls and how their actions can have huge consequences. Employing a Managed IT Services provider who has experience with the creation of writing business policies and procedures is an excellent step in your IT strategy.

#4 – User Access Controls

Clearly defining who has access to what information and data is a vital part of overall security for your business. For example, you wouldn’t want every employee to have access to the same system data as the Chief Financial Officer or Human Resources. Managed IT support can be helpful in setting up access and maintaining access as new employees are hired and exit your organization.

#5 – Software Patching and Updates

Maintaining software patches is necessary to keep your system running smoothly as well as to keep your security software working effectively.

Any of these proactive IT strategies will help to strengthen your company’s security against cybersecurity risk and costly downtime. What preventive measures might you consider right now to increase security within your organization? If implementing any of these strategies seems overwhelming for your already overworked staff, have you considered reaching out to an MSP for expert IT support services?

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