10 Reasons Managed IT Support is the Smart Move for your Business

10 Reasons Managed IT Support is the Smart Move for your Business

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Managed IT services provide a myriad of technology capabilities, and the best MSPs will offer whatever specific services your company needs in a customized package. Here are ten reasons why hiring a managed IT service provider might be a smart move for your business: 

Cost efficiency 

Technology that works seamlessly for a business is invaluable. While managed IT services are certainly an added expense to the monthly budget, so are those unexpected tech costs due to multiple malfunctions and downtime. All that being said, having the costs of managed IT services accounted for helps to keep those technology costs predictable and budgeted, whether it’s just business as usual, or there are major upgrades to consider. 

Reduced downtime 

When you consider that an hour or two of downtime can cost as much as multiple months of managed IT services (or more!), reduced downtime is an important factor that plays into the cost effectiveness of having a managed service provider. On-call support, server management, network device management, network monitoring and preventative services, backup and recovery… managed IT service providers keep businesses online without costly or damaging downtime. 

Saved time and energy 

Depending on the size of your business, your in-house IT employee or team can only handle so much of what it takes to keep your business network running smoothly. As your company grows, so do your IT needs. Outsourcing IT help to a managed IT service provider is a great solution to take the burden off your already stretched employees.

Increased security 

Enlisting a managed IT service provider automatically means more security for your company’s data and app, as they employ best practices for security. MSPs have access to the latest security products, which can be hosted virtually with strict protocols. Managed IT services also offer monitoring and backup, which is vital to the security of your company’s data.

24/7 support 

The 24/7 aspect of having a managed IT service provider will feel worth it when an after- hours crisis occurs and your in-house IT staff is not available. It’s a huge benefit (and adds peace-of-mind) to work with a managed IT service provider, knowing that experts are there to fix your tech problem as it’s happening.

Recommendations & upgrades for peak performance 

When you have a managed IT service provider, they become an unbiased, third-party observer at the way your network is or isn’t functioning to meet your business goals. As MSPs, they work with many businesses and can provide important insight into how your business can do better. They can then collaborate with you and your in-house IT team to implement these changes.

Management of upgrades 

Whether the MSP is the one who has suggested the change/upgrade or they will be facilitating upgrades that you’ve decided your business needs, managed IT service providers help to implement and manage major IT projects, using their expertise to make cost-saving recommendations along the way. 

The right personnel 

With technology constantly evolving, your in-house IT employee or team might not have the experience or expertise in every area it takes to keep your network running. Hiring and training additional IT employees might not be feasible— considering the expense and amount of time of training as well as the salary and overhead expense of adding an additional employee. For specific services or projects, managed IT services can be a great solution with cost benefits.

In-house IT can focus elsewhere

As mentioned earlier in this article, your in-house IT employee or staff can’t necessarily do it all. By designating everyday management tasks to an MSP, your IT staff can focus on projects and more strategic level IT tasks or vice versa. 


Having a managed IT service provider provides flexibility to your business technology capabilities. Whether you choose to scale up or scale out or scale down in certain areas, a managed service provider offers month to month support that is malleable and delivers what you’re needing at that moment.

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