Managed IT Services Could Save Your Business from Financial Ruin

Managed IT Services Could Save Your Business from Financial Ruin

In today’s digital world, a business conducting a simple cost-benefit or risk-benefit analysis would quickly discover that choosing a monthly managed IT service provider tends to be a smart choice. Highlighted are three strong factors that make managed IT services a top choice: the cost of down time or problems without a managed IT service provider, the added technology capabilities of having a managed IT service provider, and the reduced stress when utilizing an on-call managed IT service provider.

Cost of downtime vs. monthly cost

Businesses depend on their technology to work smoothly, whether they’re transitioning to cloud-based services or having staff work completely remotely or simply operating daily workload. And as you are aware, there’s a lot that could go wrong with that technology. As a business owner, you know when your technology is off-line that hurts your business financially. Having a monthly managed IT service in place can save your company by having on-call support for tech crises the minute they arise. Whether it’s server management, network device management, network monitoring and alerting, backup and recovery, virtualization, hardware and software management, licensing, carrier services procurement, or a host of other technical issues, you want remediation fast.

One hour of network downtime can cost your company the equivalent of the costs for multiple months of managed IT services. Building managed IT services into the operating budget is like an insurance plan when it comes to a technical crisis.

Added tech capabilities 

A managed IT service provider not only responds to crisis situations but also is there
to improve and upgrade your network systems. This is especially true with Royal Network IT Solutions, Inc., where our managed IT services include a personalized relationship with all our business clients, where our professionals are attentive to your company’s goals and strategically designs ways your IT can help to push your business to the next level. 

Keeping your network running smoothly and upgrading as needed is an important benefit of utilizing a monthly managed IT service provider.

Saving you time, effort, manpower…

IT issues inevitably will come up. It’s unavoidable. With so many businesses relying on the Internet or shifting to cloud-based operations, there will be security concerns that need to be addressed and monitored. The managed IT service provider’s job is to be proactive by rooting out potential disruptions and managing them quickly and easily. Instead of pulling an employee off their regular duties to “fix” whatever is going on, you can rely on your on-call managed IT service provider and avoid headaches, downtime, and lost profits. 

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