Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, faced with considering the options for cloud services, specifically cloud storage, the choices may seem complicated or confusing. Decisions about which company offers the best cloud services for small businesses, how you’ll integrate cloud computing into the way you’re currently managing your company’s technology, and even the cost benefits can seem overwhelming.

As many businesses move to cloud computing, it’s become clearer that the effort and expense of maintaining local servers as well as the need for increased availability and security of company data make cloud storage services the best option. 

Here are some of the best cloud storage options among the top business cloud service providers:

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has become a big player in the cloud hosting game, and OneDrive offers cloud storage solutions that work for companies both large and small. A few of the pros of this service include hybrid options for continuing to use your traditional local servers and network infrastructure, a quality high-power searching capability, and wide accessibility and syncing among platforms.

Dropbox Business

As one of the original cloud storage solutions, Dropbox continues to be popular for businesses as they continue to upgrade their packages and expand their service offerings. Several pros of Dropbox Business are great integration and accessibility as well as good customer support. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

AWS has become one of the biggest providers of cloud services for businesses. A few pros of AWS are flexibility in commitment and costs, low-cost migration, and other invaluable services for small businesses getting started in cloud storage solutions. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a popular choice for many companies but is only one of many AWS for business cloud storage services offerings.

 Picking the right cloud storage service

The three services highlighted in this article are just some of the many cloud service providers available. However, as larger providers, these three stand apart based on their ability to provide a lot of support for their business customers, to offer scalable options for small businesses, and their options of a myriad of packages.

Depending on your unique needs as a business, you might find that one cloud storage service is a better fit than another. For example, you might consider: What type of files will you be storing? How often will you or other employees access them? What type of collaboration tools do you want with the cloud storage service? The answers to these questions will point you toward the right cloud storage solution. 

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