The 10 Biggest Benefits of Managed IT Support

The 10 Biggest Benefits of Managed IT Support

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Having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in your corner is worth the cost. Check out this list of the 10 biggest benefits to using an MSP:

Expensive problems prevented 

With an MSP, network monitoring is a fundamental service. Maintaining and monitoring your network can help ensure that no major problems arise, which can often cost you a lot of money. This is one of the biggest reasons to work with an MSP.

Employees freed up for innovation 

Running a network is a full-time job for your in-house IT employees. Rather than focusing on the everyday maintenance and monitoring, your IT staff can be taking on projects that are strategic to your specific business, helping to push your business forward. 

Predictable costs

Rather than paying for downtime or other costs of breaches or crashes, your costs for an MSP are predictable and can be budgeted. Spending money on IT for services like monitoring and 24/7 support may seem like extra costs that you don’t need, but companies find that hiring an MSP reduces their overall costs because of reduced downtime and greater efficiency. 

Fast & reliable support 

Having an MSP means support at all times. Depending on the type of service contract and expectations you have with your MSP, they are often available for 24/7 remote support in addition to other round-the-clock services. 

Contact & communications with vendors

Most MSPs have relationships and expertise with a variety of providers for services like security or cloud services. By employing an MSP,  you will get competitive pricing and appropriate packages for your specific business needs. You also won’t have to spend the time and effort to communicate about services you might not even understand.

Access to expensive equipment & systems 

Buying infrastructure monitoring tools or software systems is expensive. Without a highly trained team, they are often not even used to their full extent or used properly. Having an MSP to provide access to powerful IT tools and their proper implementation makes for the best use of your IT budget.

Reduced security risks 

Having an MSP allows for better IT security and more oversight on your network’s security, leading to more protection for your company’s data. Just taking into consideration your company’s credit card transactions or your clients’ sensitive data, you’ll realize just how important your IT security is. An MSP allows for peace of mind while not sacrificing speed and efficiency. 

Ability to pivot 

Using an MSP allows you to scale up, down, out, or whatever your business needs at the moment. Your business might experience peak seasons that require more bandwidth or see a quick shift in popularity to one area of business. In both situations, having an MSP with flexible services allows you to get the most out of your IT spending. 

Access to unbiased experts 

MSPs will also serve up unbiased opinions on what’s best for your business. Sometimes IT initiatives or new technology might seem great, but an MSP that knows your business and knows IT understands if they are able to benefit you or not. 

No gaps

An MSP knows your company and the tech industry, and a continued relationship allows for you to continue with business as usual no matter if employees leave or new employees come on board, or if you decide to take on major IT upgrades or changes. Continuous, seamless service is a major perk of having an MSP when compared to having an internal IT team that might grow or shrink and consistently need training.

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