5 Signs That You Need Managed IT Services (And 5 Signs That You May Just Need An IT Consultant)

5 Signs That You Need Managed IT Services (And 5 Signs That You May Just Need An IT Consultant)

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As a business owner, problems or gaps in your company’s performance can be starkly obvious. What to do about them is a trickier problem to figure out. Here are five signs you need outsourced IT help – whether that’s more hands-on managed IT services or project-based IT consulting.

1. Unmanageable growth

When your business is growing, you inevitably experience new demands on your IT. Some examples of new IT issues to tackle include managing employee and client data, implementing new industry software, and managing licensing. If everything is working fine except for needing new software or advice on next steps, an IT consultant might do the trick. If there are ongoing management needs or multiple areas of your IT you need help with, managed IT services are the way to go.

2. Major IT budgeting problems 

When you find your company spending too much money on IT month after month, it’s a good idea to bring in managed IT services or an IT consultant to stabilize costs. Managed IT services will take over the management of areas like network monitoring and offer 24/7 support, making costs more predictable. If you don’t need consistent management of specific IT tasks, but instead need advice or IT project management, IT consulting is a better option. Depending on your problem with  IT costs, managed IT services or IT consulting can offer good solutions.

3. Repetitive problems

Perhaps you’ve had multiple data breaches or your network is constantly going down. These are expensive problems you can’t afford to be contending with over and over. Managed  IT services will do an assessment of how things are going and offer services to make your IT work as effectively as possible. An IT consultant might do a similar assessment and offer advice on next steps or help with the implementation of different solutions. Depending on your ongoing needs or the extent of your IT struggles, a managed IT services provider will offer consistent management and an IT consultant will advise or support specific solutions.

4. New software, migrating to the cloud, or other major upgrades

When your company needs new technology, outside help can ensure it doesn’t become a slow and expensive ordeal. A managed IT service provider can implement the updated technology and manage it going forward. Enlisting IT consulting services might provide you with advice on which innovative technology you need and how to implement it or be available to manage its integration.

5. Security concerns 

In the digital age, data security is essential. Having the proper IT security solutions are not an “extra,” but an integral part of your IT. A managed IT service offers implementation of different security solutions and ongoing monitoring of your network. An IT consultant, especially one that specializes in security, can offer advice and aid in implementing solutions for the short term.

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