5 Areas Your Network Management May Need Rescuing

5 Areas Your Network Management May Need Rescuing

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As your computer network grows and evolves to support your business needs, your desire for quality network management may grow as well. Network management has become an invaluable component for the smooth running of your network (and your business!) 

Much of your business operation depends on your network functioning efficiently and effectively. It’s not only about solving tech problems when they arise but also ensuring that everyday operations are not slowed or hindered in any way. Utilizing managed IT services, whether outsourced or in-house, can proactively identify and solve problems before these issues cause expensive downtime for your business. 

It’s important to consider the different facets or areas of network management that lead to overall network success. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) offers five integral elements that constitute good network management: 

  • Fault management 
  • Configuration management 
  • Administration management 
  • Performance management
  • Security management 

These areas of network management, known as the FCAPS framework, might provide insight into areas of your network management that may need improvement. 

Fault management 

Fault management focuses on maintaining the entire network’s daily functioning through IT tools and a prescribed set of procedures used together to respond to errors. Fault management typically relies on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) service, which alerts and provides insight on network errors as they occur.

Configuration management 

Configuration management centers on monitoring network equipment and any changes made with hardware and software. Keeping tabs on changes helps to mitigate problems with equipment and keeps track of compliance. Configuration software making this job easier and more streamlined is available to managed IT service providers or your internal IT team.. 

Administration or accounting management 

Administration management, including accounting management, addresses tracking and recording data as well as providing permissions for users within the network. Understanding which departments and users avail themselves of resources within the network is important for security, bookkeeping, and monitoring throughout the network. 

Performance management  

Performance management focuses on solving problems before they occur by consistent review of the network’s performance. Through monitoring and testing, this area of network management details for your managed IT service providers or IT team how well the network is doing or where improvements need to be made as related to speed, connection quality, and a host of other areas.

Security management 

Security management points to monitoring and evaluating the many layers and methods of securing your network. Conducting tests, managing your firewall and other security measures, and targeting areas of vulnerability are all a part of security management. Arguably, this is the most important piece of network management as failures in this area can lead to breaches and potential business losses. 

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